SAISD Prepares Budget for Texas Seat Belt Law for New School Buses

San Angelo, TX – The start of September brought a variety of brand-new laws to Texas, consisting of one which addresses trainee security on public school buses.

The state passed a law which would need brand-new school buses to have security belts on each of its seats.

Roger Garcia, the Transportation Director with SAISD, states people were worried about the absence of safety belt because when it comes to a rollover mishap, seats established to typically secure trainees would not have the ability to do so.

He states including this safety belt will include another layer of security to a bus flight, but also includes negatives as the Transportation Department will not just need to think about a boost in expenses for staff, devices and fuel use, but also will need to think about reducing the capability of trainees enabled on these buses.

Garcia states the school would be fortunate to fit 2 high schoolers to one school bus seat provided each seat is expected to have 3 safety belts connected to them.

SAISD has currently set a budget plan for these modifications, and pending approval will have seat-belt equipped school buses showing up as early as January.

Imposing the using of this safety belt will be the chauffeurs who will alert the principal of a trainee’s school if a trainee is captured not using a safety belt.

Garcia states the principal will then inform the moms and dads of the issue.